OTO-Akustiktechnik – Materials and Applications

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OTO-Akustiktechnik technology, you want to inform comprehensively and in detail about his materials and products and their application areas. On this page you will get an insight into the diverse areas of application of OTO acoustic sheet antiphon® MPM ™, LDL and PDP and the bitumen heavy foil.

If you have further questions about the scope of special products or materials of OTO-Akustiktechnik, we will be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

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The areas of application for OTO-acoustic sheet and antiphon (R) MPM (TM)

Together with its Swedish partner is antiphon® OTO-acoustic technology an expert in the field of these materials, which are used in the following machines and vehicles:

  • Ventilation ducts and fans
  • lifts
  • Construction machinery, compressors, excavators, crane cabs and road Grader
  • Office equipment, copiers, Mainframe
  • Turbogenerators, turbocompressors
  • transformers
  • cooling units
  • Electronic equipment
  • Dishwashers and washing machines
  • Conveyor systems, shaker
  • Vehicles, passenger and goods vehicles, buses, garbage trucks, boats, ships, railway cars and locomotives
  • Rohrpostsysteme
  • machine Tools
  • automatic lathes
  • Eccentric
  • punching machines
  • Textile Processing and Packaging Machinery
  • Steel furniture
  • machine guards

The OTO-Akustikblech and antiphon® MPM have other applications. Do you have any questions? Then contact us – we are looking forward to your inquiry.
For more information on the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik.

The application areas of LDL

LDL is very good for the body sound damping sheet materials which are thicker than 3 mm, is suitable. LDL is mostly used with the following devices using:

  • loading ramps
  • base plates
  • Woodworking machines such as saws, milling and planing
  • Trolley for transporting goods
  • Stairs and conveyors
  • machine Covers

In interior design LDL is used for up double partitions, floors and ceilings. It ensures reduced footfall and increased noise transmission loss. LDL is also ideal for the attenuation of plywood and laminated wood – not only in boat building, but also for floors in buses, railway cars and in all rail vehicles.

LDL prepared sandwich material of OTO-Akustiktechnik is also particularly suitable for the housing of speakers.

For more information, refer to the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik.

Application for PDP

antiphon® PDP is suitable for laminating in GRP constructions and GRP structures of boats and glass containers. This achieves a considerable improvement of the impact sound transmission. Furthermore, the impact noise is reduced. The same positive effect is also produced by antiphon® PDP, which is glued and pressed between two layers of wooden material.

antiphon® PDP finds its application in the field of structure-borne sound damping Hi-Tec and Hifi-rack systems.

For more information about antiphon® PDP, please refer to the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik.

The fields of application of bitumen heavy foil

The bitumen heavy foil is used in the automotive and construction sectors. Many customers of OTO-Akustiktechnik operating in the machine is being made and confidence in our product.

In addition to the application of bitumen heavy foil in washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, it has in addition a variety of applications in the car hi-fi sector. Manufacturers of space and partitions appreciate the bitumen heavy foil of OTO-Akustiktechnik.

For more information you can on the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik einsehen.

Application of antiphon LD 13 and LD 17

OTO-Akustiktechnik want to give you an insight into the numerous applications of LD 13 and LD 17 antiphon®:

  • Garage doors
  • facade elements
  • windowsills
  • Bathtubs with shower and sink
  • Garbage sip plants
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • elevator cars

For more information, refer to the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik.

  • movie projectors
  • Dishwashers and washing machines
  • typewriters
  • Computer equipment
  • machine Tools
  • Spinning machines and textile machinery
  • conveyors

Use of broadband absorber antiphon (R) SA

OTO-Akustiktechnik relies on the use of antiphon® SA, which is used in the following machines and products:

  • Engine and covers all types of construction equipment
  • compressors
  • production Machinery
  • Noise protection cabins
  • Scenes of Aeronautics and Air Conditioning
  • computer case

In these applications antiphon® SA has already proven itself for several years.
For more information, refer to the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik or call us at (0049) 0208 / 20 30 02.

The foams of OTO-Akustiktechnik

Our high high foams are purchased by customers from different areas.

Convince yourself of the quality of OTO-Akustiktechnik and find out more about the applications:

  • General Engineering
  • Steel and container
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation
  • Schalldämmkapseln and enclosures
  • Commercial vehicle, bus and truck and rail vehicles
  • Agricultural machinery and construction equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • appliances

For more information you can read the data sheets of OTO-Akustiktechnik.

Polyester batting

Polyester batting is mainly used in the damping of speakers as well as in the furniture and textile industries.

If you have questions or for more information please call on our data sheet or take personal contact with OTO-Akustiktechnik to.