Your soundproofing of OTO-Akustiktechnik

Materials for sound insulation environmentally friendly and without health risks

On this page, you want to introduce different materials that can be used as sound insulation and meet the diverse needs OTO-Akustiktechnik. Environmental and skin compatibility are OTO-Akustiktechnik important, so we pay attention to these properties – also in the field of noise protection.

Of course, we answer all your questions about soundproofing and give you a price quote.

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PU-foams as soundproofing





Polyurethane foams are used to absorb airborne sound and as sound insulation. Depending on the application and requirement can be determined from a variety of materials and combinations of materials and surfaces of the right type of foam for your application.

We provide comprehensive advice, whether self-adhesive, which surface or what structure is best suited for you.

The antiphon broadband absorber(R) SA







In the field of soundproofing unfortunately still come polluting and hazardous materials are used. antiphon® SA is a broadband absorber plate and is made from fabric remnants, mainly from cotton fibers. antiphon® SA is therefore environmentally friendly and compatible at the same time.

The special design of a high temperature resistant glass fiber core is particularly well suited for close-coupled and fire-risk environments. In addition, depending on requirements, a special, tightly glued or welded tight foil envelope.

Thus, this absorbing solution is completely sealed and nevertheless acoustically highly effective and ideally suited as noise protection in environments such as water, oil, fuel, disinfectants and dirt. Further advantages are the low weight, the easy cleaning as well as the fact that behind the cladding pipelines and cables without problems disappear.

Available sizes: 825 x 1.100 mm
available strength: 7 mm und 13 mm

Standard foil Design: tear-resistant polyester film

For larger quantities and blanks please contact with OTO-acoustic technology in conjunction. The price is depending on the version.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Sound insulation of polyester fleece



We manufacture for you blanks and stampings made of polyester batting to your needs. Various thicknesses and basis weights are possible as soundproofing. The polyester non-woven material consists of thermally bonded polyester fibers.

During the construction of speaker boxes, this damping material is used for sound enhancement.

Packaging is usually in rolls of various widths and lengths.

Caruso-ISO-Bond (R) insulation boards



The ecological insulation material is used for thermal insulation and soundproofing. It consists of 100 percent polyester fibers and contains no binders or additives. CARUSO ISO BOND® is allergy-friendly, hypoallergenic, easy to install, dimensionally stable and fully recyclable. He has the best insulating properties, is flame retardant and UV resistant.

Available sizes: 1.200 x 625 x 30 mm

Porofib (felt fleece)



Felt web composed of textile fibers and bonded with thermosetting resin and pre-crosslinked. The fields of application are, for example, in the hood insulation, wheel arch and Kartandämpfung. Felt web is used as absorber material for washing machines.

Available Sizes: 1.000 x 800 x 20 mm