Heavy films from OTO-Akustiktechnik

Heavy films dams as the bitumen heavy layers and a deadening effect in various strengths

OTO-Akustiktechnik can offer you a wide range of heavy foil. In our assortment we have different strengths, which guarantee the right sound for each sound source.

See also our car audio package that is tailored for you and agree with the quality and price.

All heavy sheets of OTO-acoustic technique are self-adhesive and malleable when heated. They adapt easily to all curvatures. Furthermore, the heavy sheets are excellent for sound deadening and mass increase of thin-walled sheets. For this reason, find their application in heavy foil car doors, trunk lids, in the roof and floor area, at wheel arches and in many other areas of everyday life.

OTO-Akustiktechnik offers the following strengths of the heavy sheets of:

Bitumen heavy layers 2,6

Bitumen heavy layers 4,2





Raw format circa 1.020 x 1.020 mm
Strength 2,6 mm = 5 kg/m²
Blanks and stampings available on request

Raw format circa 1.020 x 1.020 mm
Strength 4,2 mm = 8 kg/m²
Blanks and stampings available on request

Bitumen heavy layers 5,2


Raw format circa 1.020 x 1.020 mm
Strength 5,5 mm = 10 kg/m²
Blanks and stampings available on request



Car-Hifi package: self-adhesive heavy films for your car

The team of OTO-Akustiktechnik

equipping your car with an extra tailored for you car audio package. Here, too, it is self-adhesive films heavy, which is deformable when heated. It adapts easily to the arches of your car.

By car hifi package of OTO-acoustic technology to achieve the anti-drumming and increasing mass of thin-walled metal sheets. You can use it versatile in your car. It is suitable for car doors, boot lid and wheel arches.

If you have any further questions, please consult for advice.

Please also see our insulation of speaker boxes with polyester fleece.

The car audio package OTO-Akustiktechnik includes:
Content: 50 pieces
Format: circa 200 x 500 mm
Strength: 2,6 mm = 5kg/m²
Price: 74,99 Euro

The price of the car hifi package understood plus VAT, packaging and shipping.