Calming layers by LDL and PDP

Minimize the sound source with damping layers, creating a calm environment

OTO-Akustiktechnik is your partner when it comes to damping layers. Our years of experience has made us experts in working with the attenuating materials LDL and PDP. Through the use of these materials, we achieve optimum sound insulation in many areas of life.

The goal of OTO-acoustic technique is to minimize the sound source and thus create you a pleasant and quiet environment. Inform yourself about the use of LDL and PDP.

LDL for rejection of handling noise


Borne sound insulation with PDP from OTO-Akustiktechnik




LDL for rejection of handling noise

The damping board of OTO-acoustic technology is viscoelastic on both sides coated with a silicone paper cover. The coating has a similar composition as the layer between the sandwich sheets.

This material may OTO-acoustic technology will create an individual sandwich system. Of course, we can also equip already existing designs with this material.

By LDL and a counter plate and massive sound and forwarding components such as thick-walled steel sections or pipes can be made virtually “schalltot”. Other materials such as wood-based materials or gypsum plasterboard can be converted to LDL with a sound-damping sandwich system. Stairs made of wood, stone or metal can achieve a clear sound with LDL. In Trockenausbau, a doubling of the plasterboard layer can be optimized by a liner with LDL.

The damping layers of OTO-Akustiktechnik have the following dimensions:

  • Raw format circa 1.020 x 1.020 mm
  • Strength circa 1,8 mm
  • Blanks and stampings are available on request

A current data sheet for metallic structures can be found here and for wooden structures here.

Borne sound insulation with PDP from OTO-Akustiktechnik

PDP consists mainly of paper with an inner and viscoelastic damping layer. For use in the sandwich system PDP has to be bonded between two layers of wet.

The application of PDP is similar to LDL associated with wood, plasterboard and many other substances. PDP may also be incorporated in the production of GRP panels and laminates as an intermediate layer and has an extremely sound-absorbing.

The use takes place in the most diverse areas:

  • Boats
  • Wood
  • Glass container
  • Interior improvements Wood Sandwich
  • Plasterboard Sandwich

Our bodies silencing with PDP is available in:

  • Dimensions 1,24 x 300 m = 372 m² roll material
  • Strength circa 0,35 mm

The price decrease in a roll is 4.50 euros per square meter plus VAT, packaging and shipping. Subsets are available on request.

If you want to order something or have a question about an order at OTO-acoustic technology, please contact us.

A current sheet can be found here.